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Artwork Director

Bringing your music and art together

You love your music. You love the artwork that goes with it. Maybe you use Synergy Classic to show album art while your listening to iTunes. Maybe you've cataloged your music collection using Delicious Library. Or have a Sonos Digital Music System to play music everywhere in your home.

Music and art just go together. Artwork Director understands that.

But there is always some missing artwork - with different gaps in different places. Then there's the artwork that's just plain wrong. And the multiple copies, each using some exotic naming scheme, spread all over your hard drive.

Music and art want to go together. And Artwork Director brings them back together. With Artwork Director you can:

  • See all the artwork from each application
  • Find missing artwork
  • Copy artwork between programs
  • Search for artwork
  • Add, delete or replace artwork in each application
  • Automatically convert artwork to each application's preferred format

A free beta of Artwork Director is planned for late January 2006 with a final release scheduled for Q2 2006.

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